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Smocking Books


There is a multitude of smocking books available.  These are a few of my best sellers.  There are many more in my shop, so if you don't see it, ask, it may be here.


Cmsmock.jpg (7825 bytes)Beginning Smocking:  Michie Mooney  $14.00.  A beginner instruction book for
geometric and picture smocking, including 10 smocking designs and smocked bonnet



 Dessmoc.jpg (138570 bytes)

Designer Smocking from Tots to Teens: $22.99. Patterns, smocking designs, stitch instructions and more.   



A-zsmok.jpg (76280 bytes)The A - Z of Smocking: $19.95.    This book is a valuable reference for anyone who smocks.  It covers pleating, construction as well as many smocking stitches including counterchange  and picture smocking. out of stock.


Emsmk.jpg (75766 bytes)Ellen McCarn on English Smocking:  $12.00.  This basic book on smocking includes basic smocking stitches as well as decorative and embroidery stitches.  The illustrations make each stitch easy to master.  There are 7 of Ellen's smocking plates included, as well as tips on construction, pleating and stacking cables.


Empcsm.jpg (80359 bytes)Picture Smocking With Ellen McCarn:  $12.00.  This book covers everything to do with picture smocking.  From centering your design, stacking cables, backsmocking, and tips on construction.  There are 7 of Ellen's smocking plates included as well as interchangeable designs and borders. 


Geomsm.jpg (75176 bytes)Geometric Smocking:  $23.00, by Juliet Macdonald. This book contains over 40 geometric designs for yoke dresses as well as several bishops.  The graphs are easy to follow and there are basic smocking stitch instructions included.



Pltrman.jpg (38940 bytes)The Pleater Manual: Sarah Douglas. $25.00:  If you have ever taken a class from Sarah Douglas you would be amazed on how much there is to learn about pleating.  This book outlines techniques on pleating curves, bishops, yokes, wide widths and much more.  Pleater care and basic instructions are included.  This is a must reference book.

Lattices.jpg (77847 bytes)Lattice Smocking:  Laura J. Thompson. This step by step book of lattice smocking (or North American Smocking) will take you through the marking, measuring and construction of lattice smocked garments.  There are several designs included for garments and non-wearables.  The directions are clear and easy to understand. $12.00

Ahccsmk.jpg (47844 bytes)Counterchange Smocking:  Ann Hallay $16.00.  This book has the best illustrations and instructions for Counterchange.   We also carry a large stock of counterchange smocking plates.