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  We strive to carry the hard to find notions that are needed for heirloom sewing and smocking. These are a few of the things you may have a hard time finding.  There are special gifts for the seamstress such as brass sewing tools, Gingher Scissors and collections of needles.

Pleater Needles:  $2.50 each.   

  • Stanley:  Regular,  also fits the Amanda Jane

  • Amanda Jane

  • Read Needles, specify 16, 24, or 32 row pleater  16 row needles also fit Pullen

Read Pleaters   special order

Knott's Dots:  $7.00/package

   Iron on dots in blue or yellow.  3/8" apart.   Pleater compatible. 



Ground Walnut Shells with lavender:    $6.00  a medium bag enough to do several pincushions with lavender mixed.     Plain shells also available.

Nana's Heirloom Soak:  $9.50.  This is a sodium perborate powder that will clean your finest heirloom garments.,  Removes age spots, mildew and yellowing.   Contains no bleach.  Safe for all colors.

best press.jpg (40088 bytes)Best Press Starch Alternative:  $4.60 for 6 oz. spray bottle. 

  This is a clear starch alternative.  It comes in a fine mist sprayer bottle.  Scents:  Caribbean Beach, Cherry Blossom, Lavender Fields, Citrus Grove, and Scent Free.




tigertape.jpg (30535 bytes)Tiger Tape:   

1/4" 9 lines per inch.  $9.50
 1/4"  12 lines per inch  $9.50



Wondertape:  $5.99

This is a double sided washout tape that you apply to your piped yoke and press it to your smocked piece to line up the piped edge perfectly with your first row of smocking.   The results are fast, easy and accurate.  It will take tons of time off your construction.  This is the answer to all of your piped yoke to smocking headaches.


Baby Rickrack:  $.50/yd.  Kelly green, light blue, pink, aqua, bright yellow, yellow, purple, hot pink, lime, royal, orange, navy, red, white, or black

Medium:  $1.00/yd.  Kelly green, red, light purple, yellow, orange, lime, hot pink, white, black.

Jumbo:  $1.30/yd.  Hot pink, yellow, white, red, lime,

Featherstitch $1.50/yd/  White with red/blue,  white with pink/blue, red with navy/white.



Shape and Press Boards:

shape & press.jpg (11147 bytes) June Taylor Shape and Press Board:  $50.00.   Can't sew without it.    Bishop neckline one one side and lace shaping on the other.  1" grid on both sides.   OUT OF STOCK

jt cut & press.jpg (6350 bytes)June Taylor Shaping and Cutting Board:  $34.59.  This handy board is great to take to classes or to have for pinning laces or pressing.   13x14"marked with grid with carrying handle and cutting mat on the opposite side for rotary cutting.  


schmetz.jpg (25675 bytes)Schmetz Needles:

  • 60/8 for finest fabrics and heirloom sewing  $2.99
  • 70/9 for fine fabrics $2.99
  • 80/10 for regular sewing $2.99
  • 90/11 for heavy fabrics.  This can be used in place of a wing needle using a machine hemstitch.  The holes are not as large but the need for a stabilizer is eliminated. $2.99
  • 100/12 can be used in place of a wing needle.  $2.99
  • 110/13 same as above $2.99
  • 120/14 same as above  $2.99
  • 1.6/80 Twin needle $3.99 for pintucks in fine fabric
  • 2.0/80 Twin needle $3.99 for pintucks
  • 100 Wing needle.  For machine entredeux
  • Twin Wing needle.  $5.99.  Can be used in machines that do not have hemstitches to get the results of hemstitching.

Hand Sewing Needles:  $2.60 unless otherwise noted.

  • #7 Darner,  for smocking
  • #7 Long Darner, for picture smocking
  • #5 Darner, for smocking
  • #5 Long Darner, for picture smocking
  • #9 Darner, for beaded smocking
  • #6 Embroidery (crewel) for embroidery
  • #7 Embroidery (crewel) for smocking or embroidery
  • # 10 Embroidery (crewel) for embroidery
  • #10 Sharp, for embroidery or fine hand sewing
  • # 1 Milliners, for Brazilian or wool embroidery
  • #3 Milliners, for Brazilian embroidery
  • #6 Milliners, for bullions
  • #7 Milliners, for bullions
  • #8 Milliners, for bullions
  • #9 Milliners, for bullions
  • #10 Milliners, for bullions
  • #20 Chenille, for silk ribbon or wool embroidery
  • #22 Chenille, for silk ribbon or wool embroidery
  • #26 Chenille, for silk ribbon and embroidery
  • #24 Tapestry, for cross stitch
  • #24 Tapestry Petites for cross stitch $2.75
  • #26 Tapestry, for cross stitch or shadow work
  • #26 Tapestry Petites, for cross stitch, $2.75
  • #28 Tapestry, for cross stitch  
  • #28 Tapestry Petites, for cross stitch, $2.75

Finger Shield:  $3.50 each

Handy plastic shield used for embroidery without a hoop.

Ribbon Weavers:  $1.25 each.

    This is a flat metal needle that ribbon is threaded through to easily weave through smocking and beading.

Spinster:  $15.95  

This handy item is used for making twisted cording for edgings, ties, and more.

Nylon iron-safe Snaps:  $5.50

Cording for Mini-piping:  10yd/ $2.00

This is a cording to use when making your own piping.  It is small enough for infant and doll clothes. 

Suzie's Ready to Smock Piping:  $3.00/pkg  

This piping is great for any construction of smocked garments.  It is small enough to use on doll clothes and infant garments.  The colors correspond with Spechler-Vogel Imperial Broadcloth.  It also comes in Spechler-Vogel micro check fabric and Smocking stripe.  The following colors are available:

solid piping.jpg (19949 bytes)Solids:  3 yard pkg.  $3.00





  • Neutrals:  White, Black, Rice, Natural Ecru, Nude,
  • Reds:  Christmas Red,  Ready Red,  Stop Red, 
  • Pinks:   Pale Pink, Pink, Ballet Pink, Pink Crocus, Pink Blush, Pink Sparkle, Sizzle Pink, Pagoda, Prissy Pink, Dusty Rose, Raspberry,
  • Blue:  Pale Blue, Ocean Blue, Watercolor Blue,  Cornflower Blue, Shadow Blue, Royal Blue, Skipper, Turquoise, Navy, Azure Blue, Banner Blue, Williamsburg Blue
  • Green:  Lime Sherbet, Dark Lime, Seafoam, Sonic Green, Stream Green, Kelly Green, Jockey Green, Deep Pine, Teal 
  • Yellow:  Flax, Moonbeam, Lemon Ice, Slicker, Lemonade, Gold
  • Purple:  Violet, Lavender, Purple, Wisteria 
  • Orange:  Tangerine, Coral, Melon, 
  • Brown: Brown, British Tan, Kahaki, Nude, Bronco
  • Grey:  Silver and Grey


piping gingham.jpg (20037 bytes)Microcheck: Black, Red. Blue. Pink, Royal, Burgundy, Peppermint, Maize (yellow), Navy, Emerald, Seafoam, Lime, Orange, Lavender, Candy Pink, Forest Green.





Whip Stitch Piping:     

Two-Tone Rayon Whip Stitch Piping on a White Cotton Base: $1.50/yd  White, Ice Pink, Ice Yellow, Ice Blue, Lavender, Khaki, Aqua, Pink, Sky Blue Deep Rose, Emerald, Jade, Royal Blue, Navy, Black, Purple, Tropical Pink, Peach Sherbet, Seafoam, Ivory

Two Tone Rayon Whip Stitch Piping on a Black Cotton Base:  Antique Gold, Coffee Brown, Bright Red, Dark Green

Satin Piping: 

Rayon Satin Piping:  $1.75/yd.  Pink, Blue, White, Ivory

Silk Satin Ribbon:  

Ivory, white, pink, yellow, blue, lavender, celery and Ecru.

  • 1/8"  $.96/yd
  • 1/4" $1.00/yd
  • 1/2" $1.85/yd
  • 1" $3.20/yd

little labels.jpg (20588 bytes)Little Labels from Jane MacPherson:  $4.50/pkg:  

These little labels are perfect to sew into children's clothing.  They measure approximately 1/2" by 2".  The following is what we have in stock.

  • Smocked with Love
  • Hand Smocked
  • From Mom with Love
  • For a Special Doll
  • Individual Size Labels for 3 mo, 6 mo. 12 mo. 18 mo. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8
  • Cross Stitched with Love
  • Stitched with love

Mill Hill Glass Beads:  $1.50/pkg.

Over 60 colors in stock. 

Fray Block:    $6.19   Fray block dries clear and soft.

Tacky Bob:  $8.00 

tackybob.jpg (10889 bytes)This has two sides that are sticky to hold beads and a magnetized center strip for your needle.  No more chasing loose beads or pearls.  Closes securely.  Various prints on cover.




Seed Pearls:   2mm white  $4.00/pkg

Gingher Scissors:

  • Appliqué  Scissors  $33.00
  • 4" Embroidery Scissors $20.90
  • 3 1/2" Stork Embroidery Scissors $20.90
  • 3 1/2" Lion Tail Embroidery Scissors $20.90
  • 3 1/2: Epaulette Embroidery Scissors $20.90
  • 5" Knife Edge Scissors:  Great for trimming seams and sewing  $31.40 
  • 8" Shears.  Right or Left Handed   $39.00


Smock and Block Guide by Ellen McCarn $9.00

The perfect blocking guide for bishop dresses or yokes or making scallops.  Printed on heavyweight durable non-woven pressed fiber that is stretch-resistant.  It can be pinned to or basted to.  Can be cleaned without shrinking.

Purple Thang:  $3.50.  

   This little notion is wonderful for turning points on collars and corners.   Small enough to fit into tight spaces.

Brass Chatelaine Tools:

  • Needle Case:   Embossed  $15.00
  • Seam Ripper:  $13.50
  • Needle Threader:  $13.50
  • Replacement Threader inserts:  $3.50 each
  • Stiletto:  $13.50

Mini Brass Screwdriver:  $4.00 each

Perfect for Pleater or sewing machine screws.  Two sizes in one screwdriver.

Thread Cutter Pendant:  $7.50  Antique Brass or Antique Silver

This pendant has a sharp recessed  circular blade that will cut threads easily.  It can be put on your chatelaine or on a ribbon around your neck.  Great for take along projects especially for airplane safety.

Needle Threader:

Needle Threader and Cutter:  Great to take along with traveling projects with cutter blade and needle threader in one.   $1.25


Marking Pens and Pencils:

  • Fine Line Water Soluble Marker:  $5.49.  This fine line marker has a fine blue line that washes out with water.  Great for tracing lace shaping lines or embroidery lines.
  • White Marking Pen:  $4.99.  Use for your darker fabrics.  Washes out.
  • The Ultimate Marking Pencil II:  $6.50.  This pencil has a .7mm lead that is perfect for marking for shadow work or embroidery.  Pencil comes with 12 lead refills.
  • White Marking Pencils:  $1.75 each. Great for dark fabrics.

Frixion pens:    Set of 3 pens,  red, black, blue.   Erases with the heat of your iron or with eraser.  $7.89 

Glass Head Pins:

IBC Glass Head Pins:  $7.60/box. Red or White.  250 fine, .50 mm steel shaft, 1 3/8" long pins.  Perfect for heirloom sewing on fine fabrics.




Clover Patchwork pins:   $9.00.   Fine .04 mm steel, 1" long glass head pins.   Great for embroidery and applique projects.  


Madeira Cotona 80:  $4.50/spool,  Small spools: pink, pale blue, lavender, peach, white, ivory
This thread is 100% cotton.  Very fine for heirloom sewing, will blend in with laces when doing lacework.

Coats and Clarks Fine Sewing Thread:  $2.50/spool  250 yds.  Cotton Covered Polyester.  This thread is stronger than the fine cotton threads so that neat French Seams on active children's clothing will withstand everyday wear. White, Black, Navy, Cream, Pink, Red, Light Blue, Dark Brown, Light Lime, Lavender, Peach.

Mettler 60 wt. Sewing Thread:   $3.50/spool.  White or Ivory.  Good for construction with a 100% cotton thread.

Mettler Silk Finish Thread:   50 wt. $3.50/spool.  White or Ivory.

Coats and Clarks Quilting Thread:  $3.00/spool.   For use in Pleating   Orange, White or Yellow


flexilense.jpg (8413 bytes)Flexilense clip on Magnifier: $30.00  This magnifier clips onto your table edge or hoop.  Packs easily for travel



clipon magnifier.jpg (37454 bytes) Clip-on Specticle Magnifiers. $20.00 (1.7, 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0 X magnification). Simply clip the lightweight frame to your glasses and choose your magnification.  Case included.



Mag-eyes:   $34.10

Extra lenses for Mag Eyes with stronger magnification. # 5 or #7  $13.98


4 1/2"x 9" Oval Hoop:  Susan Bates:  $3.50

3" x 6" Oval Hoop:  Susan Bates: $3.00

hoop.jpg (4525 bytes)German Wood Embroidery Hoop:  The best quality in wooden hoops that you will find.

  • 4" round $6.95
  • 5" round  $6.95
  • 6" round   $7.95
  • 8" round   $8.95
  • 10" round  $8.95
  • 12" round  $10.00

fanny frame.jpg (215550 bytes)Fanny Frame Sit upon 8" hoop.  $66.00.   Completely adjustable.   Swivel hoop, exceptional wood crafted. Disassembles for easy packing.