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News and Specials


Martha's Heirlooms
315 West Main St.
Mason, Ohio 45040

25th Anniversary Sale
20% off appliques, smocking designs
and doll accessories
20% off cross stitch leaflets


See our Classes page for this month's classes.


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New Merchandise

Primitive Gatherings Wool Applique kits now in stock
More patterns from Sue Spargo


New Fabrics:

Sea Island Romper.jpg (66733 bytes) Sea Island Baby Knit:   60" wide 100% pima cotton,  Pink, blue or white     $21.00/yd



  cb passion !!.jpg (245712 bytes)      From Inspirations.    A Passion for Needlework, Factoria VII $42.00


botanica.jpg (28363 bytes) Botanica.     $42.00    

Classic Sewing: Fall Issue  $24.99      132 pages of smocking, embroidery, heirloom sewing.  Includes full patterns.   Published 4 times per year.


spargo creative stitching 2.jpg (66104 bytes)   Sue Spargo,  Creative Stitching Second Edition.  $32.00  A great reference book for many different embroidery stitches as seen in Inspirations and on Sue Spargo embroidered wool quilts. More stitches and detailed instructions.




  insp 104.jpg (113931 bytes)Inspirations 103 $18.00

New Patterns:

Petite Poche

pp Avonlea.jpg (4847 bytes)Avonlea:    Size 2-4.  $15.00

pp Victorian Baby Dress.jpg (8245 bytes)  Victorian Baby Dress.  Size 1-4   $15.00




New Smocking Plates:

Cross Eyed Cricket

Cross Eyed Cricket    $5.00 each

cec HoHoHo.jpg (4169 bytes)    cec Christmas Joy.jpg (4221 bytes)

Ho Ho Ho         Christmas Joy
Merry Christmas


cec Pink Lemonade.jpg (17360 bytes)     cec BabySharks.jpg (16208 bytes)    cec Perfect Christmas Trees.jpg (19546 bytes)                      cec Pretty Little Pumpkins.jpg (19092 bytes)

Pink Lemonade    Baby Sharks   Perfect Christmas Trees  Pretty Little Pumpkins

cec Bearing Wreaths.jpg (16280 bytes)       cec Happy Hedgehogs.jpg (23688 bytes)             cec Gone Hunting.jpg (19163 bytes)      cec Festive Flowers.jpg (24028 bytes)

Bearing Wreaths   Happy Hedgehogs   Gone Hunting      Festive Flowers


cec American Cowboy.jpg (9273 bytes)           cec Baa Moo Oink.jpg (11391 bytes)    cec blue bells.jpg (12353 bytes)   cec Fun at the Beach.jpg (14360 bytes)

American Cowboy    Baa Moo Oink    Blue Bells      Fun at the Beach

cec Hoot Hoot Horray.jpg (11713 bytes)        cec TuttiFruitti.jpg (10383 bytes)    cec YoYo Flowers.jpg (11731 bytes)   cec All a Flutter.jpg (3121 bytes)

Hoot Hoot Horray    Tutti Fruity    Yo Yo Flowers    All a Flutter

cec Chicken Soup.jpg (3489 bytes)   cec BooWho.jpg (3562 bytes)   cec Flamingo Fandango.jpg (3921 bytes)          cec Muttly Krewe.jpg (3649 bytes)

Chicken Soup     Boo Who     Flamigo Fandango      Muttly Crew  

cec TheChristmas Delivery.jpg (3333 bytes)                cec TheStar ShownBright.jpg (3349 bytes)                    cec Autumn Splendor.jpg (3546 bytes)

 Christmas Delivery      The Star Shone Bright  Autumn Splendor

cec WhiteChristmas.jpg (3434 bytes)

White Christmas


cec Throw Me Something.jpg (3885 bytes)                     cec Love Surrounds You.jpg (3050 bytes)              cec Little Charmers.jpg (3366 bytes)

Throw me Something     Love Surrounds You    Little Charmers

cec Lady Bug Frenzy.jpg (4234 bytes)            cec Fancy Flowers.jpg (2989 bytes)           cec Blue Baby Blue.jpg (3320 bytes)

Lady Bug Frenzy        Fancy Flowers         Blue Baby Blue

cec Big Rigs.jpg (3306 bytes)          cec Babys Bunnies.jpg (3015 bytes)

Big Rigs              Baby's Bunnies



Pat Garretson

pg carmen.jpg (9398 bytes)  pg forest treasures.jpg (14556 bytes)     pg gifts for baby.jpg (44743 bytes)    pg holiday magic.jpg (57670 bytes)

Carmen         Forest Treasures  Gifts for Baby   Holiday Magic

pg Angelica.jpg (2802 bytes)       pg Juanita.jpg (3437 bytes)     pg Bailey.jpg (3013 bytes)          pg March.jpg (4283 bytes)

Angelica             Juanita                  Bailey               March


pg Bunnies to Love.jpg (2477 bytes)        pg April.jpg (4052 bytes)    pg Lidia.jpg (3904 bytes)    pg bunnywork.jpg (3067 bytes)

Bunnies to Love           April            Lidia            Bunny work



Queen City Chapter of SAGA

The Queen City Chapter of SAGA would like you to be our guest:     
     We have an active Smocking Guild that meets monthly and offers educational programs as well as the friendship of those who share the same sewing and needlework interest.  We have exciting things planned for the next year and would love to include new members in our guild.  We meet at 7:30 pm on the 2nd Thursday of the month at Martha's Heirlooms, 315 W. Main St.  Mason, Ohio.  For more information on SAGA, log onto SAGA's website   For more information on our local guild in Cincinnati,  which has a lot to offer its members e-mail me at



Smocking with Corduroy


Martha Bailey


Corduroy has been a long time favorite for children's clothing. It is durable, warm, soft and can make a special play or dressy garment. The colors available are beautiful and the featherwale (21 wale per inch) gives the appearance of a velveteen. Featherwale corduroy is easy to pleat, smock, and care for. In working with corduroy for several years in sewing children’s smocked clothing I have learned a lot, mostly from trial and error. These are a few tips of mine to help give you the best results.

Cutting out:

Nap up or down: What ever way you cut your fabric make sure all pieces have the nap of the corduroy facing the same direction. Some people prefer to cut with the nap going up (smooth side of nap) and some prefer it going down. I have found the the color of the corduroy will be richer with the wale going up and you won’t have shiny areas after many wears at knees, backs of skirts and places that the nap would have more pressure with wear. Most people love the feel of the nap going down so what ever you prefer is correct.


Wale side up: When pleating corduroy pleat with the wale side facing up as you feed the fabric through the pleater. When the needles go through the fabric they will pierce the fabric and not the nap of the wale. If you pleat with the wale down you will have the increased chance of having skipped pleats. Pleating wale side up will solve this problem.

Moiré effect: When corduroy is pleated you will get a moiré effect. Once the corduroy is smocked and blocked the moiré effects not as apparent.   If you do not want this effect I usually suggest that an inset is used of the corduroy. Especially if doing a yoke 
dress or a jumper. Pleat an inset of the corduroy and smock on the wrong (un-wale side) of the fabric inset. You will still get the matching color but not the moiré.

Picture smocking: When picture smocking on corduroy is desired, pleat an inset of the corduroy and smock on the wrong side of the corduroy. You will not have the moiré effect and the coverage should be sufficient with four strands of floss. It is difficult to get neat picture smocked figures when working with a wale fabric. Note that the pleats are fatter than if using a broadcloth so figures will be larger. You will also have less pleats to work with due to the thickness of the fabric so adjustments may have to be made to your design.

Geometric Smocking: I will usually use four strands of floss to allow for coverage over the wale of the fabric and thickness of the pleats. 
You may get better coverage if you use Floche.

Construction:  Featherwale corduroy is fine enough to make mini-piping for contrast. Corduroy will flake off so seams should be finished with a zig-zagged or French seam. I usually will do French seams on my corduroy garments easily without too much bulk.

Pressing: When pressing corduroy press with the wrong side up so that the iron does not flatten the wale of the fabric. A pressing cloth may also be used for pressing.

Bishops with Corduroy: Bishops are easily made with corduroy. When I cut out a bishop from corduroy I will take 2" out of the center front, center back and center of sleeves. (Ellen McCarn Ultimate Bishop) The corduroy pleats are fatter than with lighter weight fabrics and less fabric is needed at the neckline. (If you have too much heavy fabric at the bishop neckline it may be difficult to pull pleats up tight enough to get the neck band on.  (You may need to eliminate less fabric if other bishop patterns are used. The Ultimate Bishop is a very full bishop.)

To construct my bishop neckline before pleating I will usually sew sleeve seams right sides together, trim to 1/8" and overcast with a small zig-zag. This will allow the seams to pass easily through the pleater, (Note: I have found that serged seams and French seams with corduroy are too heavy and large to go through the pleater.

Hopefully these tips will help you with your construction and smocking of corduroy garments. The fabric is wonderful to work with and your little ones will love wearing it. If you have any questions or need a source for corduroy you may contact me at Martha’s Heirlooms, 306 West Main St. Mason, Ohio 45040 513-229-7340 or 1-888-277-6432 or by email at