Needle Minders
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Needle Minders


Needle Minders are resin ovals with magnets that will hold your needle to your hoop, blouse, or couch arm cover.  These make a great gift or something fun for your sewing box.  $9.50 each.


kdbarnyard-party.gif (10885 bytes)  kdteapot.gif (10436 bytes)  kdscissors-nm.gif (10286 bytes)  kdsewing-machine.gif (10280 bytes)
Barnyard         Teapot           Scissors       Sewing Machine


kd elizabeth I.jpg (6575 bytes)  kdcross.gif (11261 bytes)  kd strawberries.gif (11142 bytes)  kd pansies.gif (11624 bytes)  kdthirteen-stars-stripes.gif (12553 bytes) kdwinter-covered-bridge.gif (11331 bytes)

Elizabethian     Cross          Strawberry      Pansies           Flag          Covered Bridge


kd-friendship-claddagh.gif (9822 bytes)             kdheart-in-hand.gif (13330 bytes)  kdhoot.gif (9817 bytes)  kdfleur.gif (10735 bytes)  kddog.gif (7425 bytes)    

Friendship Claddagh     Heart in Hand     Hoot         Fleur de lis       Dog

kdpumpkincrows.gif (9626 bytes)  kdsheep-at-night.gif (11100 bytes)        kdsunflower.gif (11647 bytes)  kdthistle.gif (15492 bytes)  kdwindmill.gif (9651 bytes)  kdlighthouse.gif (8645 bytes)

Pumpkin and    Sheep at Night    Sunflower       Thistle        Windmill        Lighthouse

kdbuzz.gif (12255 bytes)  KDbutterfly.gif (12839 bytes)  

Buzz               Butterfly



  Acorns                  Angel           Blackbird               Cherubs              Crown    






Curious Cat     Flamingos   Hibiscus (on black)    Hummingbirds      Hearts a Fire   





 Lilly of the Valley       Miller's Dragonflies



 Nosegay                Peacock            Pink Lady           Salt Box           Sisters


          Alphabet needle minders.  Each letter with a different design using cherubs.  All letters available.