Maggie's Classics
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Maggie's Classics


  These classic patterns for smocking and children's clothing are some of my favorites.  My selection is limited but these are a few of what I have available. $13.00 each

Sea Island Romper.jpg (66733 bytes)  Maggie's #308 made with Sea Island Cotton knit.

Mcgromp.jpg (36014 bytes)Girl's Romper:  Size (3,6,9 mo), (1,2), (3,4).  This bishop romper is one of my favorites.  There is less fullness in the front and back so that the lower portion of the garment does not have such a balloon effect. Mcsundrs.jpg (35151 bytes)Sundress:  (1,2), (3,4):  This lined sundress with panties is perfect for appliqué (see Ellen McCarn Appliqués) or a smocked ruffle.  The style that has no fit through the armhole and chest can usually be worn for 2 seasons. 
Mcsalrom.jpg (37323 bytes)Sailor Romper:  Size (6mo, 1), (2,3). This sailor romper has a button down front with a sailor collar and tie.  There is smocking on both front pieces.  Very cute nautical. Mclnwst.jpg (35675 bytes)Long Waist Sunsuit:  (6mo, 9mo, 1), (18mo, 2,3):  This darling sunsuit can have an eyelet ruffle or smocked ruffle.  It is perfect for a simple applique.
Mc1pcrom.jpg (46586 bytes)One Piece Romper #308:  Size (3mo,6mo,1) (2,3):  This is a wonderful romper for a girl or boy.  The boys romper has a tailored sleeve with piping and a belt at the waist.  It is easy to smock and construct and a perfect gift.