Love and Stitches
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Love and Stitches

    Debbie Glenn has amazed us with her talents and beautiful garments seen in sew beautiful.  She is a perfectionist  when it comes to sewing and the quality  and workmanship seen in her garments reflects this.  Please see Love and Stitches Doll Patterns for pint sized versions of these children's garments. All patterns $12.00 unless otherwise noted.


Lsfrnch.jpg (10314 bytes)Love and Stitches:  c1940 French Finery:  Size 1-3.  $15.00. This pattern has a raglan
sleeve coat, with scalloped collar, bonnet and child's size purse.



Lsbabjj.jpg (119442 bytes)Baby Jumper Jacks: Size 6 - 24 mo. $15.00. This pattern is so cute.  Fashioned after the Dolly Jumper Jacks pattern with a small inset of smocking or embroidery in the center..  Includes Blouse, and bloomers pattern, smocking designs and shadow work designs. Darling!


lsweedress.jpg (108681 bytes) Wee Wonders Puffy Pocket dress and Bonnett.  $16.00

lsweeromp.jpg (107523 bytes) Wee Wonders Romper and Hat $16.00

lsbutterfly.jpg (137716 bytes)  Butterfly Stitches Daygown:   Infant - 12 mo.  $15.00.

Vintage Round Yoke:  Circa 1940, Love and Stitches. $12.00.   This darling little dress has no set in sleeves for extended wear, variations on yoke embellishment and instructions for fine corded scallops and pintucks.

Lsbabsc.jpg (67761 bytes)Baby Basics:   This is  a jumper, overall, or sunsuit that has four bib options.  Size 6 - 24 months. Appliqué and smocking plate are included. Size 6 - 24 months.


Lstdltm.jpg (68040 bytes)Toddler Time:  This pattern includes a jumper, overall, and sunsuit with several bib variations.  Bib insert can be smocked or embellished with appliqué.  Size 2T - 5


Lstdykdr.jpg (66271 bytes)Toddler Yoke Dress:  This is a classic yoke dress with no set in sleeves.  This design simplifies construction and extends wear.  Pattern includes several collar, bodice, and sash variations. Size 2T - 5.

Lsglykdr.jpg (69113 bytes)Girls Yoke Dresses I: $12.00 This classic yoke dress has not set in sleeves.  This dolman sleeve design simplifies construction and extends wear.  Pattern includes several collar, bodice and sash variations. Smocking plate and silk ribbon design included  Size 6 - 10.

Lsdntdrw.jpg (20892 bytes)Dainty Dropped Waist:  This jewel neckline, princess seamed and slightly dropped waist dress has back button closure and features a front panel suitable for fine hand or machine sewing, quilting or sharks teeth.  Directions for lace diamonds, woven ribbon and lattice smocking included.  Size 4 - 14.


Lsbowhol.jpg (57190 bytes)Holiday Collar Collection, Bows and Holly:  $8.00.  Clearance 4.00This is a collection of appliqués collars with necklines sized to fit Girl's Blouse Basics or Dainty Dropped Waist.  Techniques include traditional and reverse appliqué, and optional edge stitching. 18" doll collar is included.

Lstsseas.jpg (58472 bytes)Tis the Season, Holiday Collar Collection II.  $8.00.Clearance $4.00 This is a collection of appliquéd collars with necklines sized to fit Girl's Blouse Basics or Dainty Dropped Waist. Pattern includes appliqué tips and collar variations.


Love And Stitches for Women:  $12.00 each unless otherwise noted.

Lsvest.jpg (68156 bytes)Vested Interest:  These double breasted, princess seamed vest are perfect to add a touch of elegance to any wardrobe.  Directions for Madeira appliqué bands and silk ribbon embellishment are included. Size 2 - 22.

Lsevele.jpg (55333 bytes)Evening Elegance:   This elegant long sleeve, scalloped collar blouse has a V neckline and was designed to compliment most jumpers.  Embellish collars and cuffs with your favorite handwork or machine technique.  Size 2 - 20.


Lsstrwbl.jpg (61186 bytes)Strawberry Patch Blouse:  Close out $4.00. This is a jewel neckline blouse with back button closure and waistline tucks.  Elbow length, cuffed sleeves have a  full length 2" wide insert for smocking, embroidery, appliqué or French hand sewing. Size 6 - 20.

Lsstrcol.jpg (43902 bytes)Strawberry Patch Collar:   $8.00. Close out $4.00 This is a piped detachable round collar with three large strawberries or hearts on a contrasting band.  Size 6 - 20


Lsjazjmp.jpg (71325 bytes)Jazzy Jumper:  This round neckline, dropped waist jumper or culottes had side seam pockets and buttoned shoulder and left side opening.  There is an optional front insert perfect for smocking, quilting, or sharks teeth. Size 2 - 20.  Close out $6.00

Lsaplbls.jpg (62629 bytes)Apple Pickin' Blouse:  This is a loose fitting jewel neckline blouse with a keyhole back closure.  Full, cuffed, elbow length sleeves feature smocked caps.  Apple plate included. Size 6 - 20. Close out $6.00

Lsaplcol.jpg (41777 bytes)Apple Pickin' Collar:  $8.00. Closeout $4.00 This is a  detachable collar wit three apples or pumpkins floating on a single band with a shaped front edge.  Instructions for traditional or reverse appliqué as well as edge stitching over a seamed edge. Size 6 - 20.

Lsholcol.jpg (64820 bytes)Holiday Collar Collection, Christmas Cheer:  $8.00.  Close out $4.00. This is a detachable collar for ladies or older girls that can be used with a plain blouse or sweater.  These can be used with Love and Stitches blouses.