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Ginger Snaps Patterns and Books


This collection of patterns are wonderful for the beginner as well as the experienced heirloom sewer.  Each design has several variations that are easily done with Nancy Coburn's wonderful  step-by-step instructions.  Guides for heirloom sewing techniques are included in each pattern.


Ginger Snaps Books:

These books by Nancy Coburn provide the seamstress with invaluable information of heirloom sewing techniques as well a construction techniques and tips.  If you are new to heirloom sewing and sewing smocked clothing Nancy's books will provide to be a valuable reference with easy to follow  illustrations and photographs.

 Gsswchcl.jpg (84709 bytes)Busy Mothers Guide to Sewing Children's Clothes:  Nancy Coburn  $20.00.
 This book is a wonderful reference book for sewing children's smocked clothing.  There are basic sewing instructions for variations on a yoke dress including collar, sleeve and yoke styles.  The basic sewing instructions and illustrations are invaluable for the seamstress just beginning to sew smocked clothing.  There are detailed photographs for techniques and shortcuts to making your construction easier.  This book is a valuable asset for any seamstress who is looking for variations in her basic patterns.

Gsslip.jpg (40249 bytes)The Complete Slip Collection book:  Nancy Coburn, Gingersnaps  $20.00.  This book contains slip patterns from newborn to size children's size 12.  A great investment for anyone who is sewing for children.  




Gsbonet.jpg (81047 bytes)Bonnet Collection book from Gingersnaps: $20.00. This book has bonnets to fit newborn to 24 months.  Smocked, handkerchief and heirloom sewn bonnet patterns included with instructions on heirloom sewing techniques and detailed measurement charts.



Gsdagni.jpg (39669 bytes)Baby Daygowns I:  Nancy Coburn:  $20.00.  This book has designs, detailed instructions and pattern for a daygown with a back closure in newborn and infant sizes.  There are instructions for basic heirloom sewing techniques along with neckline, sleeve and hemline variations for your beautiful daygown.


Gsbdgii.jpg (52753 bytes)Baby Daygowns II:  Nancy Coburn, $20.00.  The second book in this series includes daygowns with front closures.  There are different sleeve and front button closing designs that would also be suitable for a boy.  Embroidery designs are included along with basic sewing techniques.


Gsdgniii.jpg (50253 bytes)Baby Daygowns III:  Nancy Coburn, $20.00.  The third book of daygowns includes instructions, patterns and designs for a raglan sleeve front closure daygown.  This daygown can be either gathered or smocked at the top.  This pattern book includes detailed instructions for variations along with basic sewing techniques.


Gsdng4.jpg (46798 bytes)Baby Daygowns IV:  Nancy Coburn,  $20.00.  The fourth book in the daygown series includes a daygown with a back closure and raglan sleeve.  There are instructions for smocked variations as well as gowns with vertical insertions, tucks and embroidery.  The book includes patterns for preemie, 15" doll, newborn and infant sizes.


Gsdg5.jpg (63626 bytes)Baby Daygowns V:  $20.00.  Nancy Coburn:  The fifth book in this series has patterns for a yoke style daygown that can be smocked or not and with an optional drawstring bottom.  There are sleeve and collar variations included. Sizes range from preemie to Infant size, 18 lbs.


Gsdagn6.jpg (78437 bytes)Baby Daygowns VI:  $20.00.  The newest in the Daygown series from Nancy Coburn.  Heirloom designs from the 1920's.  Great Ideas for heirloom gowns.

Gsdgn7.jpg (74917 bytes)

  Baby Daygowns VII:  $20.00  This daygown book includes a square yoke design that is designed for  embroidery by Machine and hand.  Preemie, Newborn and Infant sizes



Kimono Daygowns:  Nancy Coburn:     A collection of Kimono style daygowns and saques in Preemie and up sizes.  $20.00.

Gschgn2.jpg (68307 bytes)Christening Gowns for Boys:  $20.00.  A great idea and pattern book for a more tailored looking christening gown.  



gsdiaprcv.jpg (50115 bytes)Baby Diaper Covers:  Nancy Coburn.  $20.00.  This book has patterns and ideas to make baby diaper covers.  Using embroidery, laces or machine embroidery you can make cute covers for baby. Makes a great gift.




Gingersnaps Patterns:

Gsfloat.jpg (36926 bytes)Float Dress;  Size 1-6,  $14.00.  Using Ashtyne's Heirloom Dress create a trendy casual dress.  Two collar variations,  sleeves or sleeveless.


Gsbeach2.jpg (85899 bytes)Beach Dresses II: Size 1-6  $14.00.  This basic yoke dress includes shell shadow work design with three pleats in the skirt or a monogrammed bodice.  


Gsbeach3.jpg (39135 bytes)Beach Dresses III; Size 4-12,  $14.00.  This empire waist dress with shadowwork sand dollar design or with monogrammed bodice.


Gstrendy.jpg (83326 bytes)Collars for Girls Trendy Casual Dress:  Size 1-6,  $14.00.   Instructions for adapting Collars for Girls pattern to create a Trendy Casual Dress.   Collar for girls pattern included.





Gsmryhay.jpg (119807 bytes)Mary Hayden's Blouse I.  Ginger Snaps Designs, Size 2 - 8.  $14.00.  This back button blouse has a peter pan collar and short puffed sleeves.  Sleeve and collar variations are included.


preedg.jpg (22693 bytes)Preemie Daygowns and Bonnets: $14.00 Preemie sizes from 1 lb. to 5 or 6 lbs.   An easy gown for the tiniest babies.


dpanty.jpg (76171 bytes)Double Seat Panty:  Infant size s- m- l  Girls 1-6.  $14.00.Designed for hand or machine embroidery to coordinate with your dresses or just for fun.


Gseaster.jpg (70110 bytes)Pink Linen Easter Dress 2006:  Size 1-6  $14.00.  This pattern includes Ashtyne's Heirloom Dress and instructions for adaptation for the Pink linen Dress.  Also a more casual look dress is included.  A great value.


Gsaline.jpg (64758 bytes)A-Line Christening Gown I:  Size Preemie Newborn infant and Large:  $14.00.  This pattern may be used with  embellishment designs from Baby Daygowns Book I and Dresses for Toddlers, Book I.  



Gsisolet.jpg (51798 bytes)Ginger snaps Preemie Isolette Shirts I:  $12.00.  Preemie sizes 1lb to 6 lbs. Newborn and Infant sizes included. Nancy went to the neonatal ICU's to find out what the nurses needed in an isolette shirt for the preemie babies.   This is what they suggested with all the tubes, wires and monitoring equipment.  This would easily be lengthened.   Different choice of embellishments included.

Gsbish.jpg (81474 bytes)Smocked Bishop Daygowns:  Size Preemie, Newborn or Infant,  $14.00.   Front or back closure.


Gsastync.jpg (53803 bytes)Ashtyne's Heirloom Dress:  Size 1-6  $14.00.  Three variations of this yoke dress ranging from detailed to simple.  Spoke collar with five panels. 


Gsbutonc.jpg (28851 bytes) Gsbuton.jpg (58249 bytes)Boy's Button-on Suit with Knickers:  Size 6 mo - 6.  $20.00. This is my favorite boy's button-on suit.  The shirt fits well with plenty of shoulder room for active little boys.  The construction is easy and the many variations will suit any occasion.   Smocking plate for sailboats and collar included.