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20% off all White Fabric during January

Our fabrics are of the best quality for smocking and heirloom sewing. These are mostly of 100% cotton unless noted otherwise.  They are wonderful to work with.  If you put hours of your hard work into a garment please let it be of good quality fabric.  Your time is worth the money. You deserve it.  These little garments are ones that will be tucked away for the next generation, so be wise in your choice of fabrics. For fabric swatches e-mail me with your mailing address and the swatches that you are interested in. heirlooms@fuse.net

New Fabrics

Fabric Finders:
ff orange floral.jpg (78232 bytes) 
Orange floral   ff peach green floral.jpg (101274 bytes) peach and green floral


stpetitefleur4.jpg (47391 bytes)   Petite Fleur Red/pink     verona 17.jpg (65819 bytes)  Verona lawn #16

verona 8.jpg (93571 bytes)  Verona lawn #8


Sea Island Ducks.jpg (25252 bytes)Sea Island Baby Knit:   Baby ducks print.   58" wide $35.00/yd. fabulous fabric.

Pima cotton stripe:  60" wide.    $12.00/yd  Blue or pink.   

pima stripe.jpg (51902 bytes)

silky sateen.jpg (33639 bytes)Spechler Vogel  Pima Sheen SateenWhite and red. Pima cotton.  Beautiful hand.  Perfect for boys christening outfits or dresses.   45" wide.  $14.00/yd

Fabric Finders:   

100% cotton, Prints $14.00/yd   check $12.00/yd  60" wide

ff sailboats.jpg (5529 bytes)         ff strawberries.jpg (7262 bytes)              ff tangerine.jpg (7047 bytes)        turquoise ss check.jpg (92341 bytes)

Salboats on             Strawberries            1/8" tangerine     1/4" turquoise
blue microcheck       on pink microcheck     check gingham      seersucker check

ladybug.jpg (85248 bytes)

Lady bug print

Spechler-Vogel  Tiffany Lawn Floral Prints:  58" wide 100% pima cotton lawn $14.00/yd

sv floral 1.jpg (32073 bytes)  sv floral2.jpg (29356 bytes) sv floral 3.jpg (38557 bytes) sv floral 4.jpg (37665 bytes) 

   #1                    #2             #3             #4

sv floral 5.jpg (28332 bytes) sv floral 6.jpg (36389 bytes)    sv floral 7.jpg (30427 bytes)

     #5              #6                  #7



Satin Batiste Florals  

    sat bat wh yl.JPG (47703 bytes) white background 

  45"wide, 100% pima cotton satin batiste.    A beautiful hand, lightweight. $15.00/yd

Petite Fleur from Stylecrest

45" wide, 100% cotton, $12.00/yd   

   st petite fleur 3.jpg (25485 bytes)        blue floral.JPG (68772 bytes) 216.JPG (781840 bytes)       


   blue/choral              blue           multicolor    

stylecrest orange floral.jpg (141126 bytes)  orange floral stpetitefleur4.jpg (47391 bytes) Red/pink floral

svLeno_Satin_Check.jpg (21368 bytes)Leno Satin Check:  White on white satin windopane check  45" $14.00/yd. Beautiful.         

Sea Island Romper.jpg (66733 bytes)Sea Island Cotton Baby Knit:  60" wide.  100% pima cotton.  White, Pink and Light Blue.  $21.00/yd  This fabric is beautiful.  Soft, great weight, and smocks and pleats great. Perfect for saques, nightgowns, bubbles.   A best seller.   (Photo is Pattern Maggie's Classic  #308)

Style Crest Florals  45" wide.  100% cotton  $12.00/yd      

  stylecrest green floral.JPG (99498 bytes)     

Spring Green       

Stylecrest Multicolor Dots:    45" wide, 100% cotton,  $8.00/yd

  sfdotlime.JPG (32992 bytes)  sfdotorange.JPG (35705 bytes)                   

lime              orange       



sf2013pkred.JPG (54645 bytes) Stylecrest 60" floral  100% cotton, $12.00/yd   


Prints from Fabric Finders

     ffredchoc.jpg (45508 bytes)  ff blue print.JPG (81131 bytes)                        
         choral               blue       

60" wide,  100% cotton, $14.00/yd.  

   ffyellow floral.jpg (27987 bytes)   ffpink floral.jpg (43514 bytes) DSCN1919.JPG (60064 bytes)  DSCN1918.JPG (21080 bytes)

yellow                  pink             blue/yellow    pink/blue



Verona prints.  $16.00/yd  Stylecrest.  100% pima cotton lawn.  These fabrics are similar to Liberty of London in quality.    They smock up beautifully  
verona 1.jpg (108865 bytes) verona 2.JPG (96020 bytes)  verona 3.JPG (39581 bytes)  verona 4.JPG (73325 bytes)  verona 5.jpg (27342 bytes) verona 6.JPG (28417 bytes) 

     #1                #2                #3              #4                #5                #6            

 verona 7.JPG (41146 bytes)verona 8.jpg (93571 bytes)verona 9.JPG (37815 bytes)verona 10.JPG (43188 bytes)

  #7              #8                #9               #10

      verona 12.JPG (43166 bytes)  verona 15.JPG (32159 bytes)  verona 14.JPG (144777 bytes)  verona bl.JPG (73450 bytes)  verona 17.jpg (65819 bytes)

           #12            #13              #14                #15              #16




crayola seersuckers.JPG (65657 bytes)Crayola Seersuckers:  Light weight 100% cotton 60" wide seersucker plaids in lime, pink, blue, or orange.  $12.00   

svcandycords.jpg (27427 bytes)Candy Cord Stripes:    1/8" stripe alternating with white stripes and lime, yellow, pink, red, or blue.   60" wide.  100% cotton  $12.00/yd  

 Now in red stripe





DSCN0372.JPG (44456 bytes) embpique.jpg (31294 bytes)Pique embroidered fabric.  45" wide, 100% cotton  $10.50/yd     Line pique with embroidered red/navy or white/navy flowers.

 Robert Kaufman Pimatex Print:  $8.00/yd. 45" wide. 

 rkhtpk.jpg (3344 bytes)   rkpnk.jpg (2480 bytes)  rkred.jpg (2798 bytes)  rkaqbr.jpg (2481 bytes) rkbrpk.jpg (3139 bytes) rkpkbl.jpg (2361 bytes) Pimatex cotton polkadots:  $8.00/yd.  45" wide. White dots on red, hot pink, or light pink.   Aqua with brown, brown with pink, pink with black or pink with brown, A great and fun fabric.   



green fall.JPG (84499 bytes) red fall.JPG (79578 bytes)  blue fall.JPG (96253 bytes)Stylecrest Fall floral:  45" wide 100% cotton $12.00/yd dark green   maroon or navy   


    piquecherries.jpg (53971 bytes)   
Pique Prints   60" wide 100% cotton.  $14.00/yd


 Pima Cotton Line Pique :   $14.00/yd.  60" wide.   Solid lime green and hot pink, aqua, yellow, blue, pink, lavender red, royal, and white.


 Seersucker stripes and plaids. $12.00/yd.  60" wide White, mint, yellow pink and blue background with beautiful colored pastel plaids and stripes.  

 Featherwale Corduroy 

Svcordr.jpg (161231 bytes)Featherwale Corduroy from Spechler-Vogel:  This corduroy is wonderful for smocking, appliqué work and children's clothing.  It pleats up beautifully and is great for winter jumpers and dresses.  This corduroy is  fine enough for French seams and the fine wale (21 per inch) gives it the appearance of velveteen.  100% cotton, 45" wide,  $13.00/yd.  (60" widths  15.50/yd)  


Snow White      Winter White   Ice Cream       Maize (yellow)     Ice Pink    
Georgia Peach  

 Aqua       Kelly Green   Lavender        Starlight (light blue)       Orange      Acapulco (teal) 

  Dark Lime         Tahiti (dark hot pink)   Lime Light      Emerald Green     Teal   

Flame Red     Seafoam      French Blue         Wildberry        

Williamsburg Blue     Royal blue       Charley Brown      Tartan     Navy       Black   

Candy Pink    Ironwood (gray)    Blue Bird    Bahama Blue




Imperial Broadcloth and Batiste  

svimperial broadcloth.jpg (86161 bytes)Imperial Broadcloth from Spechler Vogel:  $7.50/yd  60" wide. This is my best selling fabric.  It is perfect for pleating, smocking and any children's clothing.  65% polyester, 35% cotton, this fabric washes wonderfully with little or no ironing.   It is perfect for smocked insets.   Click on image to enlarge.   

White         Rice         Black         Navy         Pink       Pink Blush     Wild Coral    Aqua

Ballet Pink    Natural ecru      Stop Red       Deep Pine      Moonbeam yellow         Calypso Blue

Pagoda        Royal blue         Cornflower        Lavender    Ming Blue    Lemon Ice          
Lime Sherbet    Citrus (yellow)

Shadow Blue     Kelly Green     Waterlily       Lime     Sizzle pink,   Pink Crocus,  

British Tan (khaki color)   Hickory   Purple

Cantaloupe       Sky Blue         Watercolor Blue    Seafoam     Wisteria       Raspberry      


Svbatste.jpg (72849 bytes)Imperial Batiste from Spechler-Vogel:  This fabric is perfect for heirloom sewing, smocking and baby and children's clothes,  It pleats up great and it has a soft feel.  65% polyester, 35% cotton.  It is perfect for daygowns, nightgowns, dresses, and soft baby bubbles.  60" width  $6.50/yd 

White        Rice         Moonbeam        Melon        Pink Blush          Lavender     Pink           Glacier Blue      Periwinkle      Aqua      Ballet Pink   Baby Blue        Seafoam     Mauve   Christmas Red    Neptune 



Dimity Stripe:  100% pima Cotton white on white raised stripe.   $12.00.  


svsatin batiste.jpg (34087 bytes)Satin Batiste:  100% cotton.  This fabric works great for heirloom sewing.  It has a satin like finish on the right side.  It is heavier than batiste making a wonderful fabric for christening gowns or dresses.  White, Peach, Pink, Champagne, Seafoam, Light Blue.  $14.00/yd.





svseersuckers.jpg (44156 bytes)Gingham check seersucker:  Red, Yellow, lime and lavender,  aqua, light blue, yellow, orange, pink and navy. $12.00/yd  100% cotton 60"






turquoise ss check.jpg (92341 bytes)Turquoise  1/4" check 



Verona solids: $13.00/yd. This is the perfect weight of lawn fabric for the beautiful daygowns and dresses that are featured in many patterns. This fabric is used a lot by J. Baumeister.  Heavier than batiste yet 100% cotton for beautiful pinstitching and embroidery.  White,  pink, seafoam green,  yellow, and light blue $13.00/yd    White, pink, and  blue 60"  $14.00/yd

Swiss Nelona:   100% cotton. The best in fine cotton for heirloom sewing from Spechler Vogel  This works beautifully for a special dress, christening gown or a ladies blouse.  You'll love working with this fabric.  32.00/yd.    White, Pink and Yellow

Pima Cotton Batiste:  100% cotton.  This fabric is great for a less expensive christening gown, slip or dress.  Many of my customers use this for their first heirloom sewing project and love the results. $9.50/yd.     White, Champaign  ( the Champaign color has an antique appearance.  I have used this for slips made for antique christening gowns.)

Pima Cotton Broadcloth:  100% cotton.  You'll love the crispness of this fabric for collars, cuffs and those special white dresses.  This fabric has a wonderful hand to it.  It is heavier than the batiste and less sheer. It's a best seller. 60" wide $11.00/yd  white only.

Cotton Organdy:  100% cotton, 56" wide.  Sheer and crisp. Great for pinafores and collars.   $20.00/yd.

Dotted Swiss:  100% cotton.  Dotted Swiss has been an all time favorite for children's fancy dresses.  This is a beautiful fabric and 54" wide.  $39.00/yd. White only                                       


Bearissima II:  $39.00/yd.  48" wide.  This fabric is beautiful.  It's 100% cotton with a lovely sheen and somewhat heavier than Nelona.  My favorite for christening gowns.  White only. 


Pima Cotton Classics:  

English imports.  100% cotton.  These range from checks to pastel plaids.  The work up beautifully for dresses, or baby gowns.  The red and black check look great with primary color appliqués for summer sundresses.   $12.00/yd.  

Pima cotton Microcheck:  $12.00.  soft and sweet.   pale blue, pink and red and hot pink, seafoam. 
Turquoise  lime, and orange not pictured.  

microcheckblue.jpg (18083 bytes) microcheckpink.jpg (15813 bytes) microcheckred.jpg (28441 bytes) microcheckhotpink.jpg (34199 bytes) ff microcheck aqua.jpg (7553 bytes) 


Checks: 1/16" check:  45" wide unless noted.  not pictured,  royal blue 60" and hunter green

checkblue.jpg (21930 bytes) checkpink.jpg (21071 bytes) checkhotpink.jpg (46608 bytes) checkblack.jpg (38839 bytes) checkred.jpg (29015 bytes) checkdarkorange.jpg (48220 bytes)  
blue              pink  60"      hot pink        black  60"         red  60"    dark orange  

ff tangerine.jpg (7047 bytes)
1/8" tangerine

checklavender.jpg (37751 bytes) checklightlime.jpg (38139 bytes) checklime.jpg (23900 bytes) checkseafoam.jpg (35937 bytes) checkyellow.jpg (35394 bytes)  DSCN1545.JPG (35447 bytes) sv check turquoise.jpg (13557 bytes)

lavender 60"    lime 60"       dark lime 60"    seafoam 60"    yellow 60"    kiwi 60"    Turquoise 60"

Windowpane: 1/8".  Red, navy, green   45"  $12.00/yd  Now in Pink, blue and lavender 60"



Pastel plaids: Pink only $12.00/yd. 



Seersucker Stripe:  $ 9.00/yd.  65% polyester, 35% cotton. 45" wide. Pink, blue, yellow, or multicolor pastel stripe. 

seersucker multi.JPG (39197 bytes)  


Waffle Pique:  65% polyester, 35% cotton. 60" wide. $8.50/yd.     White only. 

Giant Waffle Pique:   65% polyester and 35% cotton.  $14.00/yd.  White

Birdseye Swiss pima pique:  $19.00/yd.  White only. 60" wide. Beautiful!

Spechler-Vogel Pima Cotton Tartans:  English Import;  100% pima cotton woven tartans. $12.00/yd, The softest cotton and beautiful classic tartans.  These smock up beautifully and  you will love working with these fine tartan plaids.  

DSCN1534.JPG (55713 bytes) DSCN1535.JPG (55934 bytes) DSCN1536.JPG (60827 bytes) DSCN1538.JPG (40135 bytes)

   1                        2              3                4

 DSCN1540.JPG (67475 bytes) DSCN1541.JPG (41124 bytes) Tartan 7.JPG (45247 bytes)

5                           6            7

 Tartan 8.jpg (20892 bytes) tartan 8.jpg (24605 bytes)

     8                      9



mini tartan.jpg (52228 bytes)Mini Pima Tartan:  60" wide.  Pima cotton  $14.00.  Also in blackwatch tartan

Cashmere Cotton:  60" wide $13.50.  This 100% pima cotton has the feel of fine flannel.  This would be perfect for a baby gown, lightweight receiving blanket or a child's or ladies night gown.  This fabric pleats like butter with large pleats that look great with geometric or picture smocking.  Pink, blue or White, 

Deluxe Baby Flannel:  45" wide,  100% cotton $8.00/yd. This is a high quality flannel that works great for baby blankets, nightgowns, or daygowns.  White only.


Silk Dupioni:  100% silk.  $36.00/yd.  Silk dupioni has become a favorite for special occasion dresses.  This silk pleats and smocks great.  Colors are red, cream, white, navy,  or black.

Tissue Shantung:  100% silk.  $25.00/yd.  This silk is lighter weight than dupioni.  It has a beautiful sheen and also has the characteristic slubs of dupioni.  It would make a beautiful christening gown. White  Pink

Silk Organza:  100% silk.  $26.00/yd.  We have used this silk as an underlay for smocked  netting lace collars.  It also works well for a layered effect on special occasion dresses.  Very sheer. White only.  

Belfast Best Handkerchief Linen  100% Linen
56" wide $24.00/yd. 
white only

Pinfeather baby cord:  $9.50/yd.  65% polyester 35% cotton. Pink, red.  lime, navy, lt blue, lavender 
aqua and yellow. 

  baby cord yellow aqua.JPG (33005 bytes)  yellow  aqua   


Velveteen:  100% cotton,  $20.00/yd. This fabric is great for holiday dresses.  It is pleatable and smocks up beautifully.  Colors, rouge (dark red), bottle green  black, white, purple

Chambray:  60" 100% cotton. $9.00/yd.  This is a light weight denim that is perfect for play clothes, jumpers and sundresses.  pink. only