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Embroidery Books

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home  sweet home.jpg (48838 bytes)Home Sweet Home 10th Anniversary  Edition:   Carolyn Pearce  $34.99    This is a great project with loads of new stitches that you will love making.  The Anniversary edition has more accessories to stitch.



Insp passion 3.jpg (79456 bytes)A Passion for Needlework, Blakiston Creamer,  $39.00 Absolutely Beautiful projects.


phone 9 2020 1543.jpg (42166 bytes) Stumpwork Inspirations $25.95.  A collection of 8 stumpwork projects from past issues of Inspirations.  

phone 9 2020 1544.jpg (47181 bytes) Crewelwork Inspirations. $25.95.   A collection of 8 crewelwork projects from past Inspirations Magazine

insp whitework.jpg (42898 bytes)White Work Inspirations. $25.95.  A collection of white work projects from Inspirations Magazine. 


cb passion !!.jpg (245712 bytes)A Passion for Needlework; Factoria VII  $42.00,   A beautiful hardcover book with stunning projects and step-by-step instructions. 


botanica.jpg (28363 bytes)Botanica:  $42.00  A beautifully detailed book with stumpwork projects by Julie Kniedl.  Step-by-step instructions.


cb passion for needlework.jpg (20079 bytes)A Passion for Needlework:   A beautiful embroidery book from  Inspirations Magazine $39.95 

spargo creative stitching 2.jpg (66104 bytes)  Sue Spargo,  Creative Stitching.  $32.00  A great reference book for many different embroidery stitches as seen in Inspirations and on Sue Spargo embroidered wool quilts.  Second Edition

RSN stumpwork.jpg (93049 bytes) Royal School of Needlework Essential Stitch Guide, Stumpwork. $21.95.  A great spiral bound book that gives indepth instructions on stumpwork with great illustrations.


jnstumpwork.jpg (26323 bytes)  Jane Nicholas,  Stumpwork Embroidery Designs and Projects. $32.95. Jane gives detailed instructions on stumpwork embroidery with large and small projects included.   A great book.



JeannieB.jpg (5859 bytes)Jeannie B's Book of Embroidery Designs and Stitches:  $19.00.  Long awaited book from Jeannie Baumeister that includes many dainty embroidery designs, alphabets for embroidery and shadow work and embroidery instructions.






Embquilt.jpg (133384 bytes)The Embroidered Miniature Quilt,  $24.99.  

From Inspirations:  Create a colorful miniature Baltimore quilt using surface embroidery and stumpwork techniques, all explained with detailed instructions and step-by-step photographs.



cblovable_bears.jpg (10911 bytes)Lovable Bears from Country Bumpkin. $24.99





Bsslkbsg[1].jpg (10261 bytes)Little Blessings:  Beverly Sheldrick,  $25.00.  This book is loaded
with silk ribbon embellished dresses, bonnets and booties.  Patterns range from preemie
to 24 months.  Beautiful colored pictures with detailed instructions.  144 pages.




 Srwhims[1].jpg (64730 bytes)Silk Ribbon Whimsies, Kari Mecca:  $19.95.  This book has all types of whimsical characters and animals for silk ribbon.  The samples are beautiful and can easily be applied to ready to wear garments.  This book will inspire those who are sewing for little ones.





A-zgold.jpg (8953 bytes)A-Z of Goldwork:  $38.00.  A beautifully illustrated book featuring the stitches of goldwork and silk embroidery.





Azwool.jpg (70198 bytes)The A - Z of Wool Embroidery:  $38.00.   The worlds most beautiful wool embroidery stitches and techniques that will surely be a resource for anyone interested in wool embroidery.



A-zemb.jpg (254736 bytes)A -Z of Embroidery Stitches:  This book is a must for any embroiders.  Spiral bound so it lays flat while working. Full color  step-by-step pictures for each stitch make it so easy to learn.   $19.95