Doll Accessories
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Doll Accessories

Doll accessories are from Sophia's

Images printed with permission.


stand.jpg (36369 bytes) Doll Stand:  $5.25   Out of stock




hair brush.jpg (22974 bytes)  Hair Brush:  $3.70

hangers.jpg (49589 bytes) Hangers, 10 per pkg. $6.00



panties.jpg (29160 bytes)Panties, pink, white, or pink floral: $3.90 each




Shoes:  18" Doll

bow shoes.jpg (18040 bytes) Velvet slip-on Bow Shoes, Black or red:  $5.80



mary janes.jpg (29125 bytes) Mary Janes, red, pink, black or white $5.20


pink wellies.jpg (21657 bytes) Wellies,  yellow or hot pink:  $5.90


pollywogs.jpg (29259 bytes) Pollywog Sandals, purple, hot pink, teal, white, light pink, aqua, yellow, red, or lime $5.00



fuzzy boots.jpg (14842 bytes) Fur Boots white: $6.40


leather sneakers.jpg (27649 bytes) Leather Sneakers; white, pink  $7.30


red canvas.jpg (28910 bytes) Canvas Sneakers,  black, or white $5.20


suede boots.jpg (7275 bytes) Suede Ewe Boots, zipper with fur lining, brown, pink, hot pink, purple $6.00


fluffy slippers.jpg (12560 bytes) Fluffy Slippers, white:  $5.00 


bunny slippers.jpg (14310 bytes) Bunny Slippers:  $6.00





white ankle socks.jpg (13130 bytes)  White Anklets: $2.50 


lace ankle socks.jpg (14546 bytes) Lace Ankle Socks:  $2.50


patterned socks.jpg (18462 bytes) Patterned Thigh Long Socks,  white or ivory  $2.00


scrunchysocks.jpg (18225 bytes) Scrunchie Socks:  red, purple, lavender, black, white, lt. pink, gray, khaki, teal, fuchsia, or yellow.  $2.60

white red bow.jpg (18355 bytes) White knee high socks with red bow.  $2.50

tights.jpg (17184 bytes) Tights: pink, white, black, ivory, navy or red.  $3.30




rumbatights.jpg (21922 bytes) Rumba Tights, for Bitty Baby or 15" doll. pink or white  $4.30




Bitty Baby Shoes:

bb bunny slippers.jpg (14906 bytes) Bunny Slippers:  $5.00


bb canvas sneakers.jpg (24477 bytes) Bitty Baby Canvas Sneakers, red, white, black, pink: $5.20


bb maryjanes.jpg (21214 bytes) Bitty Baby Mary Jane's, pink, black, white, red:  $5.20