Creations by Michie
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Creations By Michie`

$14.00 each


Patterns #121, 145, 115, 118, and 119 not  pictured but available.

cm yoke dress.jpg (5910 bytes)  Yoke Dress #146   Size 3 mo - 24mo or 2 - 5  cmbishopbubble.jpg (7085 bytes)    Bishop Bubble 142   3 - 24 mo 
cmbishop.jpg (7493 bytes)        Bishop Dress #143   Size newborn - 5  cm shirt, shorts, and pants.jpg (5306 bytes)  Shirt, Shorts, and Pants #144  3mo - 3T   
cmJumperandblouse140.jpg (5364 bytes)  Creations by Michie Jumper and Blouse #140. 3-24mo ir 2-6yr  An a-line jumper and blouse pattern that has a Peter Pan collar and either long or short sleeves. Cmalin[1].jpg (4876 bytes) The A-line Dress: #116. Two sizes 2-6 and 8-12 A-Line dress with a choice of three collar styles, buttons  down the front and has soft pleats in front and back for fullness
Cmbabds[1].jpg (74277 bytes) Creations by Michie:  Baby Dress #127.  Newborn to 24 mo. This sweet baby dress has three choices of lace insertion and embroidery on the front.  The neck is finished with a simple band and the sleeves have variations of finishes.  Embroidery designs and heirloom instructions are included

Cmbadgn[1].jpg (74302 bytes) Baby Daygown  #128:  Newborn - 6mo.   Plain for finished with tiny tucks and delicate embroidery on the front.  The neck opening may be finished with a Peter Pan collar with piping, faggoting, lace, or simple band. Embroidery designs included.



Cmbsbub[1].jpg (44817 bytes) Banded Boy Bubble: 3 - 24 mo. #107  This one piece bubble has a look of a two piece suit.  Suspenders can be used. Pointed or square collar. Cmbshrbu[1].jpg (39008 bytes) Boy's Heirloom Bubble  #111:  Size 3mo - 24mo.  Boy's bubble with tiny pleats down the front with a choice of 3 collars.
Cmbychgn[1].jpg (38470 bytes) Boy's Christening Gown  #112.  3 mo - 12 mo.  Tailored christening gown with collar variations

Cmclas[1].jpg (8235 bytes) Classic Dress, #131  Creations by Michie'   3-5  This dress features two collar styles which may be trimmed with piping or lace.   Embroidery may be used on the front yoke or square collar and the skirt allows for 6 rows of smocking or soft gathers.  Smocking and embroidery design included in pattern.



Cmfrtbtn[1].jpg (5491 bytes) Front Button Romper #117.  Size 2-5.  Front button romper has a choice of four collar styles and may be made sleeveless or with short sleeves. Cmsnsut[1].jpg (80813 bytes) Sunsuit/Dress: #120.  3 - 24mo.   This darling dress or sunsuit buttons at the shoulders of a simple round yoke.  The sunsuit has soft pleats and the dress has gathers for fullness.  The yoke is a     perfect place for embroidery piping or lace.

Cmsunsut[1].jpg (9373 bytes) Sunsuit and Sundress #132. 3mo - 24 mo.   A cute button on the shoulder sundress or sunsuit that can be smocked or embroidered on the bodice



Cmtukbub[1].jpg (70389 bytes) Tucked Bubble #129:  Size newborn - 24mo.    Tucked Bubble can be left plain or finished with tiny tucks and delicate embroidery on the front.  Plain or Peter Pan collar featuring piping or faggoting.

Cmtukdrs[1].jpg (73112 bytes) Tucked Dress #130:  Newborn to 24 mo.    Tucked dress can be left plain or finished with tiny tucks and delicate embroidery on the front.  The neck can have a simple band or a Peter Pan collar featuring piping, faggoting or lace



cmsailordrs.jpg (44350 bytes) Sailor Dress: #106. Newborn - 24 mo.   This dress with front closure and sailor collar or banded neck is ideal for your favorite embroidery or trim.



Cmtkdgwn[1].jpg (44804 bytes)Tucked Infant Gown: #108 Preemie - 12 mo.  This gown may be smocked or gathered at the yoke.  Two collar styles and 3 sleeve styles.  Hemline variations.