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You can have the latest in books as well as hard to find books about sewing, smocking and embroidery.  Click on to the navigation bars on the left to view specialty books on sewing, embroidery, or smocking.


Floral motifs.jpg (27192 bytes)  Floral Motifs to Embroider:  

Insp passion 3.jpg (79456 bytes)A Passion for Needlework:  Blakiston Creamery:  $39.00 An amazing book. on Backorder

phone 9 2020 1543.jpg (42166 bytes) Stumpwork Inspirations $25.95.  A collection of 8 stumpwork projects from past issues of Inspirations.  

phone 9 2020 1544.jpg (47181 bytes) Crewelwork Inspirations. $25.95.   A collection of 8 crewelwork projects from past Inspirations Magazine

White Work Inspirations.  $25.95.  A collection of white work projects from past Inspirations Magazines.

bm Willing-Hands.jpg (365408 bytes) Willing Hands by Betsy Morgan:  $38.00.  A charming collection of etuis and sewing accessories for counted thread embroidery.   

cb passion !!.jpg (245712 bytes)A Passion for Needlework; Factoria VII  $42.00,   A beautiful hardcover book with stunning projects and step-by-step instructions. 


botanica.jpg (28363 bytes)Botanica:  $42.00  A beautifully detailed book with stumpwork projects by Julie Kniedl.  Step-by-step instructions.

spargo creative stitching 2.jpg (66104 bytes)   Sue Spargo,  Creative Stitching Second Edition.  $32.00  A great reference book for many different embroidery stitches as seen in Inspirations and on Sue Spargo embroidered wool quilts. More stitches and detailed instructions.

home  sweet home.jpg (48838 bytes)Home Sweet Home:   Carolyn Pearce  $24.99  Now in stock.   This is a great project with loads of new stitches that you will love making.

 Classic Sewing :   $24.99      132 pages of smocking, embroidery, heirloom sewing. Full size patterns included.   Published 4 times per year.

Back issues available $18.00 each



  Jane Nicholas Stumpwork:    $32.00

RSN stumpwork.jpg (93049 bytes) Royal School of Needlework Essential Stitch Guide, Stumpwork. $21.95.  A great spiral bound book that gives in depth instructions on stumpwork with great illustrations.


jnstumpwork.jpg (26323 bytes)  Jane Nicholas,  Stumpwork Embroidery Designs and Projects. $32.95. Jane gives detailed instructions on stumpwork embroidery with large and small projects included.   A great book.



pretty party dresses.jpg (53251 bytes)  Perfect Party Dresses from AS&E.   $39.95.    Fabulous!!!   A must have to add to your AS&E collection.




ASE_INDEX_-_FRONT_COVER[1].jpg (31044 bytes) AS&E Index.  For issues 1 - 100.  $24.99 




Kmsewing.jpg (6329 bytes)Sewing With Whimsy:  Kari Mecca:  $24.95.  This book contains instructions for making  Kari's beautiful rickrack flowers, as well as many other embellishment ideas for rickrack, ribbons, trims and beads..  There are 3 patterns in this book.  Girls sundress,  Girls Puff Sleeve Dress both in size 2-6 and Girls Pinafore Size 18 and 24 mo.


Kmmorswg.jpg (7585 bytes)Kari Mecca:   More Sewing with Whimsey.  $29.95.    More of Kari's fabulous 
techniques of embellishment.   



Ofbbook.jpg (5859 bytes)Jeannie B's Book of Embroidery Designs and Stitches:  $19.00.  Long awaited book from Jeannie Baumeister that includes many dainty embroidery designs, alphabets for embroidery and shadow work and embroidery instructions.






Australian Smocking and Embroidery

I have some very popular out of print issues from years ago.   These will sell for $22.00 each. Issue numbers to be listed this month.  Or call the shop if you're looking for a special issue.

Out of print early back issues: $22.00 each.   Stock limited!  21,22,25,28,29,30,31,33,35,36,37,38,40,42,43,44,45,46,47,48,49,53,54,58,59,60.

Let me know if you are looking for others.    I do have some that are gently used.


Australian Smocking and Embroidery:  This magazine is published 4 times a year.  There are patterns included in each issue along with instructions for construction and smocking.  The photography is wonderful in this magazine with each garment  photographed in detail over several pages.  Back issues available from Issue 52 - 100 (as supplies last)  $18.00.  

as&e100.jpg (8113 bytes)AS&E  #100.  The Last Issue.  Reg $21.95    Now $15.00



Inspirations Magazine

    insp73.jpg (10202 bytes) #73  


      insp 97.jpg (74891 bytes)    #97              


   insp 99.jpg (154283 bytes) #99 insp 100.jpg (100790 bytes) #100insp 101.jpg (30578 bytes) #101


 insp 102.jpg (58086 bytes) #102 insp 103.jpg (196867 bytes) #103insp 104.jpg (113931 bytes) #104

insp 105.jpg (209587 bytes) #105 phone 9 2020 1545.jpg (114668 bytes) #106phone 9 2020 1546.jpg (145460 bytes) #107


  #108  insp 109.jpg (92445 bytes)  #109

Inspirations #110  $18.00 



Inspirations Magazine:    Inspirations Magazine originates in Australia.  It is published 4 times a year.  The embroidery in this magazine is exquisite.  There are detailed photographs of how to information on techniques, stitches and the instructions and patterns are included for all designs in each issue.  Back issues available.  $18.00.  

    Back issues of AS&E and Inspirations are always in stock while supplies last



A-Z Books:  While supplies last

A-zstump.jpg (129381 bytes) A-Z of Stumpwork  $19.95

Azribbon.jpg (106787 bytes) A-Z Silk Ribbon Embroidery  out of stock


Azthrpnt.jpg (121091 bytes)  A-Z of Thread Painting  

A-zflow.jpg (60902 bytes) A-Z of Embroidered Flowers


A-zsmok.jpg (76280 bytes)The A - Z of Smocking Stitches: $19.95.  A must for every smocker.   This book is a valuable reference for anyone who smocks.  It covers pleating, construction as well as many smocking stitches including counterchange  and picture smocking.    out of stock


A-zgold.jpg (8953 bytes)A-Z of Goldwork:  $38.00.  A beautifully illustrated book featuring the stitches of goldwork and silk embroidery.




Azwool.jpg (70198 bytes)The A - Z of Wool Embroidery:  $38.00.   The worlds most beautiful wool embroidery stitches and techniques that will surely be a resource for anyone interested in wool embroidery.


A-zemb.jpg (254736 bytes)A -Z of Embroidery Stitches:  This book is a must for any embroiders.  Full color  step-by-step pictures for each stitch make it so easy to learn.   Spiral bound $38.00



Azstit2.jpg (8621 bytes) A-Z of Embroidery Stitches 2:  $19.95,  Now reprinted.   More embroidery stitches


A-zknitting.jpg (58426 bytes)A - Z of Knitting:  $38.00

Azsew2.jpg (7809 bytes)  A-Z of Sewing: $38.00.Basic sewing and heirloom sewing techniques in easy to follow step by step
photos.   Spiral bound

a-zheirloom.jpg (7598 bytes)A - Z of Heirloom Sewing:  $19.95.  Finally the book we've been waiting for.    Loaded with photographs of heirloom sewing techniques and tips for the heirloom sewer.  A must for your A-Z library.


Azsew.jpg (121547 bytes)The A - Z of Sewing for Smockers:   $38.00 This is a must have book.   It has everything concerning construction of a smocked garment.  The step-by-step photographs will walk you through any technique.



Azbead.jpg (6285 bytes) A-Z of Bead Embroidery  $38.00