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Appliques 2
Appliques 3



  Appliques that are precut and pre-fused  and ready to press, sew, and wear.  They are inspired by popular smocked figures and are easy to do.  Each applique includes all eyes, buttons, pompoms or ribbons needed.  Detailed applique instructions are included.   



  Airplane   $10.00       emtrucks.jpg (8597 bytes)      Trucks $10.00

Buddy's Baby Cars   $10.00  Sailing   $10.00  

  Zoom Zoom Zoom  $10.00   em Sailabration.jpeg (16052 bytes) Sail-a-bration  $10.00

em Sail away with Me.jpeg (26535 bytes) Sail Away with Me $10.00


Dragonflies $10.00         Flash the Turtle   $10.00                                                                                                    Bunny  Gardner $10.00


Kittens  $10.00          Ladybugs  Large  $10.00

     Silly Snails   $10.00  

  Spring Fever  $10.00    Baby Owl   $10.00  

   Happy Birthday  Primary or Mardi Gras colors  $10.00 

  Lime Flip Flops $7.00  Yellow Flip Flops  $7.00  

                              em turtlettes.jpeg (24650 bytes)  Turtlettes $9.50

Monkey Shines                                                                                                                           $10.00

    Sand Pail and Shovel  $10.00 Umbrellas $10.00

Tools of the Trade $10.00  

  Under the Sea    $10.00    em Teddy With Balloons 1.jpeg (28001 bytes) Teddy with Balloons Primary

em Teddy with Balloons 2.jpeg (27667 bytes) Teddy with Balloons Pastel $10.00   em turtles.jpeg (15284 bytes)  Turtles  $10.00

em pink strawberries.jpeg (21778 bytes) Strawberries Pink $8.00   em red strawberries.jpeg (21984 bytes)  Strawberries Red $8.00

em what a melon.jpeg (23589 bytes) What- a- melon $8.50     em little watermelons.jpeg (21408 bytes) Little Watermelons $8.00

em apples whole.jpeg (23769 bytes) Apples Whole  $6.50    em Apples whole bite and core.jpeg (23816 bytes) Apples, Whole, bite and core $6.50

em Apples whole bite and slice.jpeg (17666 bytes) Apples, Whole, Bite and slice $6.50

em cherries.jpeg (18473 bytes) Cherries $8.50   

em watermelons pink with green.jpeg (25226 bytes) Watermelon, Pink/green $8.50

em balloons pastel.jpeg (22070 bytes) Balloons Pastel $5.00     em balloons primary.jpeg (18252 bytes) Balloons Primary $6.00

em ducks ahoy.jpeg (26709 bytes) Ducks ahoy  $10.00   em April Showers.jpeg (23750 bytes) April Showers $10.00